Review Policy

**Review request submissions are OPEN**

Thank you for taking the time to read the Have Book Will Read review policy. We hope you find it useful in deciding whether we’re the reviewers for you. 

Here’s what you can expect from the Have Book Will Read team:


We write both positive and negative reviews and our reviews are our own personal thoughts and opinions of the book. If the review is a negative one we will always try to offer constructive criticism. We will never badmouth an author, just offer pointers as to what we didn’t like in the book. If the review is a positive one likewise we will let people know why we liked/loved it. If you’re not able to accept an honest review, which may not be as positive as you’d hoped, then please do not submit your book for review. We don’t mean this to sound harsh but it saves us from problems further down the line.

We read both traditionally published and self-published books and we’re happy to accept print books and e-books. We love to be involved in hosting tours, author interviews, and even giveaways to promote your book. Our acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee a favourable review, we will be as honest with the review as we would be with a book we’ve paid for.

We do not request nor do we receive payment for our reviews.

We reserve the right to decline to review a book, even after the review book has been sent to us. If we are reading a review book and we just don’t “click” with it for whatever reason we will stop reading it and privately let you know. If we are able to write a constructive review of what we didn’t like about it we will, and that review will be published.

If one of us is scheduled to post a review as part of a blog tour and we are unable to finish the book we will inform the tour host/author with as much notice as possible but due to our extremely busy reading schedules we can’t give a definite time scale on this. If it’s mutually agreed we may still be able to post a spotlight of the book rather than a review.

What we review –

Kelly is open to both the genre and age group but prefers books with an element of romance. She will not read horror stories or books with religious content. If you have a book you’d like Kelly to review you can email her at havebookwillread [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

Joanne reads young adult, new adult and adult fiction. She loves romance and humorous books and will consider reviewing paranormal. She doesn’t read short stories/novellas unless they’re part of a series she’s already read. You can email Joanne at jhc7496 [at] gmail [dot] com

Shannon loves young adult and adult fiction, especially romance, mystery, paranormal, erotica and suspense. You can contact Shannon at ubershanny [at] yahoo [dot] com

What you can expect in your review post:

Book cover and blurb
Publishing details
Disclosure of how we received the book
Goodreads book link
Amazon UK and US buying links
Honest review
Rating out of 5 stars
Promotion on Facebook and Twitter
Review posting on Amazon UK/US and Goodreads

If you have a book for one of us to review email the reviewer you think it would best fit and we’ll try our best to squeeze you in!