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The Nearness of You by Sareeta Domingo

February 26, 2016 Author Bio, Cover Reveal 0

by Sareeta Domingo
the nearness of you

Title: The Nearness of You

 Author: Sareeta Domingo

Release Date: May 5th 2016


A debut novel filled with tension and heartache that will stay with you long after the final page

What if you fell in love with the one person you could never have?

Since the moment they first met, Ryan and Taylor have shared an unspoken, inexplicable bond. Taylor’s drawn to Ryan more strongly than she thought possible and for some reason he alone seems able to lift her out of the darkness in her past.

But Ryan is with Marcy – her best friend.

Marcy stood by Taylor when everything else had fallen apart, and Taylor refuses to risk their friendship now. Somehow she needs to resist what she’s feeling. Yet, when Marcy leaves for a few weeks just as Ryan moves in to their shared flat, the tension grows to

unbearable proportions. As the line between right and wrong becomes blurred, Taylor will have to decide whether she can – or should – turn away from what might be the love of her life.

Evocative, moving and heartrendingly romantic this is a story about real life, true love and the power of friendship.



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About Sareeta Domingo

Sareeta Domingo is a writer and editor from South East London, with a BA in Comparative American Studies from the University of Warwick.

She has been commissioned to write several short stories in collections of erotic fiction for Agent Provocateur, and was also commissioned to write a novella in the genre for Pavilion Books. She writes reviews of contemporary romance titles on her blog, The Palate Cleanser.

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