The Three Ninja Pigs by David Bedford & Becka Moor

February 1, 2016 Review 0 ★★★★★

The Three Ninja Pigs by David Bedford & Becka Moor

The Three Ninja Pigs by David Bedford & Becka MoorThe Three Ninja Pigs by Becka Moor, David Bedford
Published by Simon & Schuster Children's UK on 28th January 2016
Genres: Children's Fiction
Pages: 32
Source: Publisher
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YEE-HA! KERRANG! Look out - here come the three little ninja piglets. They are heading your way and they are trouble with a capital 'T'. But all is not as is seems in this high-energy, high-kicking, highly amusing picture book.

Reviewed by Toby, age 7 

*The really nice people at Simon & Schuster sent me this book after my mum told them how much I LOVE pigs!*

I love pigs. I have so many in my bed that there’s not a lot of room left for me. There’s Piggly Wiggly, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Pork, Pigster, Wibbly and loads more. I wish you could buy teddy pigs of the Three Ninja Pigs because I really liked this book.

I liked the Three Ninja Pigs because they went around the town on skateboards and tried to sneak up on the wolf and I liked how they were dressed. They had to try and stop the wolf from causing trouble around the town because everyone thought it was them doing it. The ending was funny.

My favourite part that made me laugh really loud was when the yellow Ninja Pig ended up with a bra on his head! That bit was so funny! The pictures in the book are all really colourful and I liked looking at them to spot all the funny things I could find.

If you like stories that will make you laugh then I think you will really like this one. I like reading it again and again, my favourite person to read it to is my mum.

Thank you for sending it to me, Simon & Schuster Children’s UK – you’re my favourite people!




Reviewed by Kelly

When I saw that there was a new book about pigs set to be released I got excited on Toby’s behalf. When I saw that those pigs were Ninja Pigs I knew I had to see if I could get hold of it for Toby. And I’m so glad I did. The Three Ninja Pigs has become a firm favourite in our house in the past month or so that we’ve had it. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve read it to be honest. As Toby’s said, he’s the pig lover in our house but the appeal didn’t stop there. Casper and Alex loved it too, there was a little bit of something for us all to enjoy.

Alex liked the fact that there were other fairytale characters in the story, not just the three little pigs. Casper liked that the story portrayed the fairytale characters as normal people and pulled them from their individual stories and in to this one.

I liked the detail in the pictures, there were lots of things to look at, to find, and to talk about. There were definitely pictures that had us all laughing out loud – Toby’s already mentioned the bra picture! And, as a mother of three boys, I liked that I found myself identifying with Mrs Pig and her need to have a break! HA!

The Three Ninja Pigs is the perfect book to pick up at any time of the day but our favourite time and place to read it is at bedtime all squashed up together in Mum and Dad’s bed. *Clears throat and starts singing* “There were five in the bed and the little one said…”

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