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Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

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Blog Tour Guest Post || Giveaway Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

To celebrate the publication of Becca Fitzpatrick’s hot new thriller, Black Ice, Simon & Schuster has set up a blog tour with a twist. To be in with a chance of winning a Black Ice goodie bag, all you have to do is visit each of the five blogs in the banner over the course of this week. 

Each blog will have one question associated with its content. Take the first letter from the answer of each of those questions to reveal the identity of a character in Black Ice. For example if the answers each day were Log, Under, Chilling, Idaho and Emergency the final answer would be LUCIE.

When you have the name of the character, please send your answer to with the subject header BLACK ICE BLOG TOUR. Entries will close at midnight on Wednesday 15th October.



Inspiration for Black Ice

It’s hard to pinpoint what, exactly, inspired me to write Black Ice. Most likely, it was more than one thing. For me, inspiration comes from various places, a little at a time, accumulating day by day, or year by year, until one day I realize I have a book idea. And not just an idea, but a string of ideas that I believe can sustain an entire novel. However, I can pinpoint the very first seed, planted in my mind many years ago, that would eventually grow into Black Ice.

I was eighteen years old. I was a senior in high school and my family was planning a vacation to the Teton Range of Wyoming for spring break. Shortly before we left I got sick and ended up staying home alone. One night I was flipping through TV channels and jumped into the middle of a movie about a woman who was being held hostage in a cabin in the woods. In order to escape her captor, the woman had to pretend to fall in love with him. As the movie progressed, I couldn’t tell if the woman was still feigning her attraction . . . or if she’d actually fallen in love.

This was my introduction to the psychological phenomenon we call Stockholm Syndrome and it both fascinated and terrified me. The themes in the movie lingered with me for years and I think writing Black Ice was a way for me to explore my childhood fear of being taken from my family and held captive. I used to wonder what lengths I would go to to escape. At one point in Black Ice Britt Pfeiffer, the story’s narrator, observes, “Up until now, I’d avoided any serious speculation about what I might have to do here in the mountains to survive, but I would make it out. I wasn’t going to die up here. I’d do what I had to. If I had to send my mind to another place while I did, so be it.”

Britt entertains the idea of feigning romantic interest towards one of her captors to lure him into trusting her, but against her better judgement she finds herself slipping from a charade into something deeper- something more dangerous. Is this a book about ordinary, functional relationships? No. It’s a story about desperation, uncertainty and fear. It’s a story about not knowing whom to trust, even if that person is you. In Britt’s case, her captor’s acts of kindness and concern for her wellbeing confuse her. Is he trying to help her? Or is his kindness a trap?

Read Black Ice and decide for yourself.


Today’s question is:
When Becca was watching the movie, what does she say she couldn’t tell if the woman was feigning?

You can find tomorrow’s question, and the answer, at BOOKS FOR COMPANY.

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