Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa Petreshock

September 22, 2014 Review 3 ★★★

Fire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa PetreshockFire of Stars and Dragons by Melissa Petreshock
Series: Stars and Souls #1
Published by Swoon Romance on 29th April 2014
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 224
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
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A dragon's fire cannot be tamed.

In 22nd century sovereign America, women should be seen and not heard. Unfortunately, twenty-one-year-old CAITRIONA HAYDEN didn't get that memo!

Determined to make her way in the world following the death of her uncle, being "seen" is the least of Cait's problems.

Someone's trying to kill her.

Ordained to guard and protect her, when Theo Pendragon claims Cait as his ward, he finds more than he expects as the flames of passion ignite within the dragon for the first time. But Theo is not alone in his desire, and he must learn to fight for what he wants, even if it costs him his best friend.

Dante, a powerful demigod and beloved friend to Theo, has spent centuries pursuing intellectual endeavors rather than indulging in the heat of desire. But everything changes when Cait arouses an attraction he cannot deny. 

But Dante isn't the only one with a vested interest in Cait's future.

America's monarch, an ancient vampire named Corrin, puts no stock in the frivolity of love, and yet a proper queen would boost his approval rating amongst the people. Marrying Cait could hold the key to his survival.

Now, love, desire and need force Cait into an impossible situation with dire consequences.

Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to fighting for a future she never knew she wanted with a man she never imagined she could love. But the key to her future is held in the one secret she has yet to uncover.


Reviewed by Shannon

*I received an ecopy in exchange for an honest review*

“Cait dances like dragons fly.”
“Yes, Jai. She is as strong as any dragon, too.”
“Cait is our North Star.”
Watching as the song slows to an end, for a moment, I allow myself to ignore Corrin’s presence, my sole focus on Cait. My Cait. “Indeed, Jai. She is my North Star.”

Fire of Stars and Dragons started right in the thick of things. To say it was confusing would be an understatement. Just when I thought I was catching on, more players would get added and I would get confused again.

In this future, the United States has a vampire President and the world knows all about supernatural beings. Dragons act as the secret service, but they basically choose who they wish to protect. Also, it is against the law for a woman of age to live by herself, which is exactly what Cait is. Apparently, Cait has this super important destiny in store for her, and since she can’t be left unmarried she has three suitors she has to pick from within a week.

Now, I was willing to accept that Cait had to pick a husband out of the dragon, vampire President, and demigod. What I found hard to believe was that they all fell for her. Not saying she wasn’t a great character, she was. I just found it hard to believe these three very different guys all fell for her.

What I did like about this book was the world, once I figured it out. All the different supernatural creatures plus the fact that dragons could see the future was a very interesting concept to me. The whole idea that Cait had this important destiny and everyone seemed to know it but Cait was frustrating at times. I along with Cait really wanted to know and the fact that we have to wait to see it unfold in future books is disappointing.

Altogether, I was fascinated by the world and enjoyed the characters, but the lack of explanation about what was going on really brought the book down for me. Plus, at times it was hard to figure out who was talking. With some clarification and more explanation, I think this somewhat good book could have been a great book.

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