Offside by Shay Savage

August 19, 2014 Review 0 ★★★★½

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Offside by Shay SavageOffside by Shay Savage
Published by Self-Published on August 3rd 2014
Genres: Adult, Erotic Fiction, Romance, sports
Pages: 407
Format: eARC
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I have to be the best. I am the best. I'm quick. I'm strong. I'm smart. I'm the star keeper of my high school soccer team, and I've got major leagues scouting me. As their captain, my team-mates will do anything I say – on or off the field. Girls practically beg to be added to my list of conquests. As long as I manage to go pro for the best team in the world, I won’t have to worry about my father’s wrath.

I'm Thomas Malone, and I've seen to it that the world revolves around me.

There’s a new girl at school, and it’s just a matter of time before she gives in to my charm. This one’s just a little more stubborn than most – she won’t even tell me her name! She’s smart, too. Maybe too smart. I can’t let her in. I can’t let anybody in. I'm not too worried, but even I have to admit she’s interfering with my focus on the goal.
Dad’s not going to be happy about that.

Did I mention I love Shakespeare? Yeah, I know. I'm a walking contradiction. According to the Bard, "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Somehow, I got all three.

Now how is anyone supposed to live up to that?


Reviewed by Shannon

*I received an E-ARC in exchange for review*

“I remember everything”

No truer words were spoken in this book than those ones by Thomas. Thomas is a soccer star in his high school and basically runs the school. He is the essential cocky, popular playboy that seems to be extremely popular in books lately. He is also a lover of Shakespeare and drawing, not that he would tell anyone that. That is until the new girl.

Offside began with Thomas’s team winning a game and him meeting the new girl in school. Of course, he took to her and wanted her because of her indifference towards him. Sounds familiar? While the plot may seem similar to a lot of books out there, it was far from it. First of all, this book was from Thomas’s POV and what a great job Shay did of writing a teenage boy. Yes it was crude at times, but what did you expect from an 18 year old teenage who had sex with any willing female. The fact that Thomas had this tragic past was nothing new either, but I love the way he dealt with it in the present. He sketched when he needed an escape but kept his passion for it as well as his love of Shakespeare from his father. To say that Thomas’s father was a bully would be an understatement. The way he spoke and behaved towards Thomas was just despicable. It was no wonder why Thomas was the way he was. In fact, everything Thomas did or the way he behaved all had a purpose or was a direct result of his mother’s death and I loved that it could be explained and wasn’t just because a hot cocky bastard would be the most appealing. Besides the way Thomas was written, the plot of the story was really intriguing. It didn’t shy away from the uncomfortable. The climax of the book really stood out to me and made this storyline great to me. Some of it was expected, some not, and the ones that weren’t really made the story different from what I thought it would be like. It definitely had me reading faster to find out how it was all going to end.

I loved the development of the relationship between Thomas and Rumple, aka the new girl. I’m a big fan of the slow build of relationships in books and this one definitely had that. The fact that Thomas didn’t just change because he met her I found to be very true and I appreciated it. Plus I loved that he had to learn what to do or say when it came to a girl was great.

“But you’re telling me not to do that any more!”
“You don’t have to go after other people to make everything feel all right,” she said. “You do that just by…by being here.”  
I had said it before, and I would continue to say it: girls made no sense whatsoever.

I did love when Thomas would whisper Shakespeare into her ear. That was hot ha-ha. I mean how many guys would actually do that? Oh and I did enjoy that each chapter ended with him taking his current scenario and using a Shakespeare line to describe it. I thought that was very interesting and original.

The one thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars though, was that the ending after the climax was a little long for me. Sure, I felt some of it was necessary, but I think it could have skipped some of it and still have been a great book. To me it wasn’t necessary to wrap up every lose end. It just made the ending seem really long. Overall, I thought it was a great book with an amazing set of characters and a fantastic storyline. The ability of Shay to write from a male POV was just astounding to me. The blurb definitely doesn’t do it justice so make sure to grab this one. It’s worth it.

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