Reach Me by J.L. Mac

July 25, 2014 Review 1 ★★★★★

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Reach Me by J.L. MacReach Me by J.L. Mac
Published by J.L. Mac Books on 31st July 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Author

It’s a well-known fact that single parenting doesn’t allow for much dating. Over the past nine years, Lindsay Fuller’s heart has been monopolized by her son, Trey, and she’s perfectly content with that.
But with her 30th birthday looming like a black cloud, Lindsay worries that her chances at a happily ever after are next to nil.
After all, she’s no sorority girl. She’s no supermodel, either. She’s a Plain Jane single mom with a less than desirable career, a pen pal obsession, and an extremely overbearing younger brother.
Financial trouble sends Lindsay’s already hectic life into a tailspin, setting events in motion that will change everything, namely her “single” status. Learning to reach for what she wants catalyzes an epic internal struggle that she has no hopes of overcoming.
The question is, will Lindsay give love a shot; and, more importantly, will it be worth it?


Reviewed by Shannon

*I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review*

Mostly I want to forget that somewhere inside of me craves fulfilment so fiercely that I find it hard to breathe. I want to forget that I keep wondering if this is it. Is this all life has for me? Is this as good as it’s going to get?

Lindsay is a single mother trying to make ends meet, which isn’t so easy when she’s a temp and her current position is coming to an end. With that comes bills and rent she can’t pay. Not only that, but events are put into motion that change Lindsay’s situation and her life.

Reach Me was the first book by J.L. Mac I ever read. It is suggested you read Wreck Me, Restore Me, and Accept Me first. Well, as someone who didn’t read those books, I thought this novella was awesome. I loved the twists and love story. Granted I don’t know if they’re actually twists to those who read the previous books but I loved them. I also really loved Lindsay and how introspective she was. The progression of the novella was great as well. It never felt like it was going too fast, but I did keep looking at the percent on the bottom right hand corner to see how much was left because I didn’t want it to end. And man, the relationship that develops in this book was killer. Wow! I mean I could feel the chemistry jumping off my kindle. It was definitely hott! J.L. definitely doesn’t skimp on the emotions and making it feel like it’s happening to you. I loved it and can’t wait for the next part. Yes, it is the first part in a two part novella, but it doesn’t really end on a huge cliffhanger. It definitely leaves you wanting more and wondering what happens next, but I wasn’t screaming at my kindle when I finished so that’s always a good thing :).

I just all around loved it…great novella! I usually find it hard to really love novellas, especially standalone ones since they’re so short and I feel like I don’t get invested, but this one was definitely the exception. Lucky for us the next one comes out in a month so that’s even more exciting. Come on August!

About J.L. Mac

USA Today Best Selling Author,J.L. Mac is twenty-seven years old and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where she enjoys living near her family. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion, and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.

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