Stacking the Shelves and Other News

May 18, 2014 Stacking The Shelves 0

Stacking the Shelves and Other News

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews
and is a way of sharing the books we’ve added to our bookshelves this week.

Here’s what I got this week …
Bought – Kindle eBook
PicMonkey Collage
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by Shannon McCrimmonReasonable Doubt by Whitney Gracia Williams

The cover for Kiss Me Hard Before You Go is just so pretty, I love it! Shannon is reading it at the moment and will have a review for us soon. I’m looking forward to hearing what she has to say about it.

Reasonable Doubt is a book I had to get just for the fact that it’s been blowing up my Facebook news feed for the past few days! People are anxiously awaiting the release of Reasonable Doubt #2 and I haven’t even read RD#1. I had to get it to see what they’re all so excited about! I’ve heard it’s pretty HOT!

For Review – eBook
(with thanks to Lexi Ryan)
 Fall to You by Lexi Ryan

You have no idea how I excited I was to get this in my inbox this week! I love Lexi Ryan’s New Hope series so flipping much! This spin off series, Here and Now, is just as good and just as addictive. Fall to You is book #2 in the Here and Now series so if you haven’t read Lost to You, book #1, yet then I highly recommend you go download it now! I’m halfway through Fall to You and can’t put it down. Look out for my review soon.

And now for my other news …

1. I booked my train tickets this week to go to the Edinburgh author signing in July. I’ve been going backwards and forwards about whether to go or not and I finally decided I would. It means leaving home at 5am and getting back around 11pm the same night. I’ll be more than a little tired but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

2. It’s now just 8 more sleeps until I leave for New York and BEA. This week I’ve had nervous flutters in my tummy whenever I think about it! I can’t believe it’s now so close. I’ve been trying to read as many tips and tricks blog posts as possible! I feel like I’m going to be completely clueless when I get there! Argh! I am so excited for this!

3. I’ve been feeling INSANELY jealous of all of the people at the Romantic Times (RT) Convention this week. Is it bad that I haven’t even been to BEA yet and I’ve already forewarned my husband that I plan on going to RT in Dallas next year? Who wants to go with me?!

How has your week gone?
What books did you get?
Are you going to any signings soon?
Do you have any BEA blog posts for me to read?
Hook me up with your links and news 🙂


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