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Never Say Goodbye by Bethan Cooper

April 27, 2014 Author Bio 0

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“We’re meant to be, Els. We were meant to bump into each other that day. We were meant to find it, we had to find it. I’ve found it with you.”
“Found what?” He comes back to me and cups my head in his hands. His eyes study mine, his mouth in a grin.
“Love, baby. We’ve found it, in all its glory. We condemned ourselves to feel it, to wish it, and we found it. We didn’t even have to try.” His lips softly graze against mine.


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About Bethan Cooper

My name is Bethan Cooper and with my spare time I have taken the opportunity to start an aspired romance novel to vent my feelings and my characters into my life.

I live in Essex but I was born and bred in West Yorkshire, Wilsden to be exact.

I’m insane, I love making jokes, my friends are always telling me that I’m mental. I love to be loud, say the wrong thing and laugh about it and I love my family and my husband to pieces.

Yes, I’m married. Richie and I got married in Florida 2010 and it was amazing. Yes, I am only 22.

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