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June 4, 2013 Review 2

Happy Release Day to Cora Carmack with Faking It! 

Faking itTITLE: Faking It

AUTHOR: Cora Carmack

GENRE: NA Contemporary Romance

PUBLISHED: 4th June 2013 (6th June 2013 in the UK)

SOURCE: E-ARC courtesy of William Morrow via Edelweiss

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Mackenzie “Max” Miller has a problem. Her parents have arrived in town for a surprise visit, and if they see her dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, they just might disown her. Even worse, they’re expecting to meet a nice, wholesome boyfriend, not a guy named Mace who has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to come crashing down around her, but then she meets Cade.

Cade moved to Philadelphia to act and to leave his problems behind in Texas. So far though, he’s kept the problems and had very little opportunity to take the stage. When Max approaches him in a coffee shop with a crazy request to pretend to be her boyfriend, he agrees to play the part. But when Cade plays the role a little too well, they’re forced to keep the ruse going. And the more they fake the relationship, the more real it begins to feel.

First off I have to say a HUGE thank you to the publishers for approving my request to read Faking It. This book was my first request via Edelweiss and to say I was happy when I found out I’d been approved is an understatement! I can’t even begin to express how excited I was to be approved. There may have been squealing involved, in fact there may have been A LOT of squealing, and Faking It lived up to EVERY. SINGLE. SQUEAL.

Faking It is Max and Cade’s story, and even though I gave Losing It a well deserved 5 stars when I reviewed it a couple of months ago I think Faking It was even better, and if I could give more than 5 stars I would! 

Cade loved Bliss, Bliss loved Garrick and Garrick loved Bliss back. Cade was left with his heart broken and no easy way to get over it since after college he moved to Philadelphia, just like Bliss and Garrick. Seeing them together wasn’t getting any easier for him but he was getting better at hiding his feelings, he was getting better at FAKING IT.

Max is also an expert in the art of faking it. If she doesn’t fake it with her family they won’t want to know her. Her mum and dad won’t accept who she really is – an emotionally damaged tattooed girl who’s passion is music.

They meet by chance in a coffee shop. Max needs some help with her latest round of faking it and she’s looking for Cade’s help – he just needs to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of her parents. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Cade’s an actor, so, yeah, it is easy, but then he starts to FEEL things. And Max, who’s so closed off because of events in her past, NEVER expects for it to be more than pretending for the sake of her parents so when it looks like it’s heading that way she gets scared  and things go wrong …

I absolutely adored this book and I think Cora Carmack has just got better since writing Losing It. The depth of emotion, the alternating POV between Max and Cade, the story that unfolded. They all made this book such a pleasure to read.

I was swooning for Cade almost from the moment I started reading. I say almost because first off the opening paragraph almost broke my heart. Cade’s despair at not being the guy to get Bliss was so sad. He was at such a low point and I just wanted to climb in to my Kindle and hug him. He had suffered loss and rejection at a young age and wanted to be perfect and to please people so that they wouldn’t leave ever need to leave him. Max was completely different to anyone he’d ever been attracted to and he didn’t quite know what to do with that. Was he really willing to let go of Bliss and explore things with Max? Would she even let him?

It wasn’t until I got a bit further in to the story and I got to know more about Max that I realised she was in a similar emotional state, only her reasons were far more than a love rejection. Max didn’t feel worthy of love, she had short term relationships that often ended just as quickly as they’d started. Her parents couldn’t love her for who she was, who else would? I felt so sorry for Max and everything she’d been through as a child. She really was just someone trying so hard to keep things together. Meeting Cade made her feel things, made her think about where her life was heading and how it was time to stop faking it and start living her real life.

The alternating POV was brilliant. I loved getting inside the head of both characters. To know that at some points they were both thinking and feeling the same thing but were just too afraid to speak their mind. Alternating POV is quickly becoming one of my favourite ways to read a book and this instance did not disappoint.

The steamy scenes were just an added bonus on top of everything else that was already pretty perfect, BUT WOW, I think Cade and Max had the HOTTEST first kiss EVER!  Ha, wait until you read it and decide for yourself!

And the ending *insert dreamy sigh here* oh, the ending 🙂

Oh, and the way Cade handles the Bethany moment at the family Christmas gathering. Oh, and the way he sticks up for Max to her parents. Oh, and … and … yeah, I think I could probably just mention every time Cade opened his mouth to speak, or any time he breathed! He’s definitely taken the #1 book boyfriend crown from Daemon Black!

So, for me, Faking It is a well deserved 5 star book. I am willing to bet so many of you already have it on pre-order and right about now you’ll be sitting down and devouring it in one sitting, but for those of you haven’t pre-ordered it … GO GET IT NOW!!!

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  1. Danielle

    Awesome review! Agree with you on everything! 🙂 Defo hottest first kiss ever! I need the vapours just thinking about it! Swoooooooooonnnnnn

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