Cover Reveal – Keep Me Safe by Elaine Breson

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Title: Keep Me Safe

Author: Elaine Breson

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Expected Release Date: July/August 2013

Cover Designed By: Wicked by Design

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Sadie is thriving in her new life and taking every moment to enjoy her new freedom. After a failed marriage that changed everything she knew to be true, she gets the courage to start over on her own. Sadie’s world quickly changes from her new normal when one night she gets pulled over by the most gorgeous police officer she’s ever met. 

Feeling optimistic about opening up again, she hopes that begins with Officer Stevens. He’s protective, sweet and seemingly trustworthy. She wonders if her past will ever allow her to get close to someone again. Her friends keep telling her how much she finally deserves to be happy. Will their chance meeting give her an opportunity to find out how fulfilling true love really should be? She wants to put her past to rest and move on, but will she finally allow herself to trust him when she feels like her life might be in danger?


When I got home I saw that Parker and Matt were outside working under the hood of his Mustang. I went around to the back of my car to get my grocery bags out and waved over to the guys. Parker waved back and by the time I looked up from getting my first batch of groceries, he was jogging over to me.
“Need some help?”
“That would be great, thanks. I usually pile enough bags on my arms to make them feel like they’re going to fall off.”
We both carried the bags into the house and laid them on the kitchen counter. When all the bags were on the counter, Parker started taking everything out and setting it on the counter. I noticed he was separating the food into groups based on where it belonged. I stood with the fridge open and smiled, thinking to myself how natural it felt to have him standing here helping me unload groceries. He turned around with the milk and the eggs and realized I was watching him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I didn’t even think before I started helping you unload this stuff.”
“No that’s okay,” I moved out from in front of the fridge so he could put the stuff in there, “I was just thinking how nice it was to have someone in the kitchen with me; someone helping me.”
“Did your ex-husband not help you? A woman should never have to bring in her own groceries if she’s got a man around.” He turned around to grab the rest of the fruits and vegetables I bought and I cringed at the mention of Brent.
“No, not very often. He was either busy or not speaking to me.” I leaned up against the back of the counter and hoped this conversation wouldn’t go much farther; I didn’t want to ruin this by talking about Brent.
“That’s too bad,” he put the last of the food in the fridge and shut the door, brushing his arm against mine when he closed it, “his loss for sure.” His lips turned up a little bit and it was just Parker’s way of flirting with me subtly. “I’ll be at Matt’s if you need a big, strong man to help you with anything else.” He winked at me, walked out of the kitchen and out the front door. How did he do that? He managed to waltz into my life and leave me reeling. By looking at him, you’d never know he was nervous or unsure around me. I wonder if he knew what he was doing to me.

About the Author

ElaineElaine is a Florida native who recently packed up and moved her family to Utah. She is a stay at home mom to two younger children and runs a crafting business from home. When she’s not cleaning up after her kiddos or using her creative mind for a customer, you can find her satisfying her need for her favorite TV series or listening to music. Though finding time to write often seems like a lost cause, she uses every free minute to work on her debut novel, Keep Me Safe.

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