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May 7, 2013 Review 0

Sweet ThingTITLE: Sweet Thing

AUTHOR: Renee Carlino

GENRE: New Adult Contemporary Romance

PUBLISHED: 14th April 2013

SOURCE: Review copy provided by author


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Mia Kelly is a twenty-five-year-old walking Gap ad who thinks she has life figured out when her father’s sudden death uproots her from slow-paced Ann Arbor to New York City’s bustling East Village. There she discovers her father’s spirit for life and the legacy he left behind with the help of an old café, a few eccentric friends, and one charming musician.

Will Ryan is good-looking, poetic, spontaneous, and on the brink of fame when he meets Mia, his new landlord, muse, and personal heartbreaker.

A story of self-discovery and friendship, Sweet Thing shines light on the power of loving and letting go.

Following the sudden death of her biological father, 25 year old Mia Kelly leaves her home in Michigan, where she lives with her mother and step-father, to move to New York to sort out her father’s estate. He ran a cafe and owned a few buildings in the East Village and she is the sole beneficiary.

On the flight she is seated next to Will Ryan, who is a nervous flyer. Mia tries to distract him during the take off by asking him about the guitar he’s carrying and they discover they have a shared interest in music. When they land they go their separate ways but a few days later Will shows up at the cafe, just as she’s about to advertise for a room mate and Will promptly takes the room.

Mia is attracted to Will but she won’t admit it as she doesn’t want to complicate their living arrangement, so whilst Will makes it clear that he likes her, she tells him they can only be friends. She is convinced he is going to be the next big thing on the music scene and he will go off and leave her broken hearted.

I have to admit that I struggled to get into this book at first. I found Mia hard to understand, how she flat out refused to give Will a chance and made assumptions that he would up and leave if he hit the big time. He certainly didn’t give her any reason to believe that he would do that. He made his feelings towards her clear but she constantly played the friends card yet she was jealous when he started dating.

I loved Will right from the start though – he was funny, charming and sweet. The supporting characters were really good too, really well written, and I liked how they weren’t afraid to tell Mia when she was in the wrong. There were times when I was rooting for Jenny to grab hold of Mia and shake some sense into her.

There was a point in the book where Mia really needed Will, (which had me in tears) and he turned up like the proverbial knight in shinning armour. Mia finally gives into her feelings only for her to then totally break his heart, or as Will put it “She ripped my soul out, poured gasoline on it and watched it burn” Mia realises she’s made a massive mistake but it’s too late. This was the turning point in the book for me, when she finally wakes up and smells the coffee (pun intended!)

I had tears running down my face for the rest of the book, my heart was breaking when she realised what she’d lost and at her desperation to put things right. I think maybe she had been reluctant to admit her feelings for Will because she was still grieving for her father and needed to accept that before she moved on with her life. I found it very poignant when she went on the journey with her father’s ashes, and by accepting her dad’s death she was able to move on with her life.

I will finish my review with my favourite part:

‘I threw my arms around him and whispered “never let me go”
He tightened his grip as his mouth moved to my ear “Never”
“Where have you been?”
“Waiting for you”
“I’ve been here. Why did you go away?”
“You needed to figure things out on your own. I was just waiting for you to come around” ‘

That’s why I love Will – he’s my Sweet Thing!

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