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Welcome to my stop on the tour for Binds by Rebecca Espinoza.

Read on to find our more about Rebecca’s debut novel and to enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card, one of two signed copies or an ecopy of Binds.

BindsTITLE: Binds

AUTHOR: Rebecca Espinoza

GENRE: Adult Urban Fantasy 

PUBLISHED: 3rd April 2013

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Ophelia Brand’s life is in shambles. Married to an abusive man and forced to act like the perfect politician’s wife in public, her freedom has been completely stripped away. Alone and without purpose, Ophelia feels as if there isn’t much in this world to live for. Everything changes when an employee kidnaps her from a state dinner. Ophelia is thrust into a new world filled with people who claim to be an ancient race of Mages. They also claim that she is one of them. 
While the country falls into the hands of a tyrannical dictator, Ophelia finds herself torn between the friendly Reece who wants nothing more than to protect her, and Spencer, the leader of the resistance who sees her as a tool to fight the war. Tensions run high as Reece and Spencer both try to help her master her powers and unravel the spells that restricted her from using them. As revelations of her past come to light, and the war is brought to her feet, Ophelia must quickly make a choice of who to trust.
Binds is the first in a series of adult urban fantasy novels with sexy Mages, a sugar skull army, and an unfortunate set of Hello Kitty pjs.


Before the smoke even clears, I am out of my seat, slamming the car door shut behind me, and running. It’s hard to maneuver around all of the debris that was blasted up the hill from the explosion, but I have to get away from this maniac. I’m absolutely horrified of this man who just killed dozens of people with a smile on his face. 
My feet are moving as fast as I can get them, but I hear his heavy footfalls and he isn’t too far behind me.

“Wait, let me explain!” Spencer calls out.
Like hell I will. I leap over a couple of singed two by fours heading toward the road we drove in on. If I can just make it to that road, I tell myself, I can flag someone down for help and get away. 

Before I can even crest the berm where I would finally meet the pavement, I feel the tug. Spencer has a firm hold of the back of my jacket, but I twist my shoulders and shrug out of it, only for him to lunge at me, successfully knocking me down with a cloud of dust. We both roll back down the hill and come to a halt with me on top of him. I go to jump up and get away, but he grabs ahold of my forearms and I am now straddling him, both of us covered in dirt with cuts and scrapes covering our faces and my arms.
“Stop.” He grunts and I can tell right away that he has used another Bind 
on me because I feel as if I have been frozen into place. I can’t even open my mouth to scream.
“I am going to take the Bind off of you in a moment,” he says through clenched teeth. The anger he showed while arguing with Reece yesterday was nothing compared to the rage I now see displayed across his face. It looks like, at any second, he might burst a vessel in one of his eyes with the way he is glaring at me. “You are not going to run. You are not going to scream. Hell, I don’t even want you to fucking breathe. You hear me?”

Rebecca ERebecca Espinoza, an Army wife, has lived in 8 different houses and 5 different states in the past 10 years and she can’t wait for the next move. She is skilled in the arts of basket weaving, origami, and bullshitting. She is a book thief and likely to pilfer any she sees lying around in friends’ houses, so keep an eye out if you invite her in. She currently resides in beautiful Wahiawa, Hawaii (Army wives will get this joke) with her two sons and dog, Tosh.0 (her most favourite person in the world…the dog, not the comedian), and her husband pops in from the field, missions, or deployment every now and then to say hello. She tends towards the sarcastic when referring to herself in third person.

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    I agree with above, the cover is amazing… And the book sounds great.

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