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Welcome to my stop on the tour for Why Can’t I Be You by Allie Larkin.

Read on for my review and a giveaway.

Why Can't I Be You - 72 dpiTITLE: Why Can’t I Be You

AUTHOR: Allie Larkin

GENRE: Adult – Women’s Fiction

PUBLISHED: 26th February 2013 by Plume/Penguin

SOURCE: Review copy received from publishers for blog tour

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WHY CAN’T I BE YOU takes its name from a 1987 hit song from English rock band The Cure.  All her life, Jenny Shaw toed the line, striving to be the perfect colleague, girlfriend, and daughter – a path that has led her to an unhappy (though successful) career, a failed relationship, and all-but-severed family ties.  On her way to the airport for her first business trip, she is unceremoniously dumped by the man she thought she would one day marry.  In her haze of shock and confusion, she responds to the wrong name when Myra Aberly, organizer of Seattle ’s Mt. Si class of 1999’s thirteenth high-school reunion, shouts “Jessie!” across the hotel lobby. 

In an instant, Jenny Shaw becomes Jessie Morgan, a woman to whom she bears an uncanny resemblance. She is immediately embraced by Jessie’s warm circle of friends – and gains a possible love interest.  But when Jenny becomes more and more curious about Jessie’s history, she uncovers a trail of secrets, pain and deceit that inspires her to uncover the truth that will heal her own painful past.


Jenny aims to please everyone, everyone but herself. She’s spent so long being who other people want her to be that she’s lost touch with who she dreamed of being. When Jenny gets dumped by her boyfriend, on her way to the airport to attend a work conference, it’s the end of her world. Then a case of mistaken identity changes everything …

I really enjoyed reading Why Can’t I be You. I liked Jenny, I liked her new found friends, and I loved the storyline.

Jenny was such a caring person. She was always too worried about letting someone down to really worry about herself and what she needed or wanted. She changed herself to suit the people around her. She stopped painting to suit her boyfriend. She stopped having a life to suit her situation with her mother. Jenny jumped at the chance to someone else for a while. By being Jessie she learned a few valuable lessons. She didn’t need to be everyone for everybody. She could be who she wanted to be. She also realised just how much her crappy home life, with her emotionally abusing alcoholic mother, had made her miss out on. Being Jessie was the catalyst for change.

I did wonder how everyone bought it that she was Jessie, their long lost best friend, but since all of the gang thought she was Jessie then the similarities must have been quite striking. 

I loved Jessie’s old high school friends. They were a real tight-knit group. Myra and Heather were the friends that every girl needs. No drama, no bitching, just being there. Robbie and Fish were sweethearts, too. Nice, decent guys who were there for the friendship and nothing else. Karen? Hmmm, I didn’t warm to her!

Why Can’t I Be You featured a plot that I haven’t encountered before and I really enjoyed it. I was racing through pages. I needed to know what happened next. When would they find out? What would happen when they did?

I would’ve liked to know a little more at the end – I’m not great at using my own imagination to decide what happened next! – but overall Why Can’t I Be You was a good read and it’s definitely made me want to go in search of Stay, Allie Larkin’s first novel.

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allielarkinAllie Larkin is the internationally bestselling author of the novel Stay, and the upcoming novel Why Can’t I Be You (2013).  She lives with her husband, Jeremy, their two German Shepherds, Argo and Stella, and a three-legged cat.

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