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Welcome to my stop on the 3 Sides of a Circle blog tour by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts
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3 sides to a circleTITLE: 3 Sides to a Circle

AUTHORS: Jolene Perry & Janna Watts

GENRE: New Adult Contemporary Romance

PUBLISHED: 7th March 2013

SOURCE: Review copy received from authors for blog tour

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Love is the ultimate rush.

Freshman year of college isn’t easy. But with a friend like Libby Patterson, it is unforgettable.

Libby is honest and fearless and adorable. She’s the girl on campus that everyone knows. The life of every party. Infectious and addictive, Libby captivates all those around her. Particularly her roommate Honor and their boy bestie Toby.

But three isn’t always a magic number. And there’s more to this trio than what everyone sees.

When Honor finds herself falling for an artist, and Libby doesn’t approve, and Toby finds himself watching Libby more than he should…the sides of their circle become strained.

The three are suddenly stretched between friendship, love and taking sides. They must fight to hold on to each other. But the tighter the hold, the harder it gets. Especially when Libby’s unpredictability turns dangerous. Now it’s up to Honor and Toby to save her from the downward spiral that could break their circle for good.


I really liked 3 Sides to a Circle, but then again I feel like that about all of Jolene Perry’s books. I liked the fact that she teamed up with Janna Watts on this because it let me discover Janna’s work and now I definitely want to read more of her books too.

At the start I did find it hard to get in to the story but I don’t think it’s the fault of this book. I blame the book I read before this for giving me a book hangover that took a little while to get over. Once I settled in to 3 Sides to a Circle I was drawn right in to Honor, Libby and Toby’s tight but often dysfunctional friendship. After one particularly engrossing reading session I may, or may not, have fallen asleep on the couch with my Kindle on my lap and my glasses still on my face. That’s nothing special, right?! Well, the mark I had on my face from my glasses pressing in to my skin was pretty special, let me tell you!!

Honor, Libby and Toby start off their freshman college year as complete strangers. Honor and Libby are room-mates and Toby is a guy that Honor literally bumps in to, after a bit of over-enthusiasm from Libby. They very quickly become close friends and soon become pretty reliant on each other to get by. The 3 way friendship soon becomes dysfunctional and problems start to arise, the only thing is they’re now so co-dependent that no-one knows what to do for the best to sort them out.

I liked all 3 characters  but I think Toby (my son’s name 🙂 ) was my favourite. He was the quiet boy from a small town who unintentionally got himself in a friendship with a crazy, brutally honest, free-spirit and her more reserved room-mate. He was loyal and caring but also conflicted about his feelings, and then afraid. He didn’t give up when things got tough, he worked things out and went for what it was he wanted. I liked that about him because what he wanted wasn’t necessarily the easy option.

Honor was the quieter of the 3 friends. She’d spent most of her life going with what her mum told her to do, afraid of making her own mind up about things and feeling more like an object than a person. Libby’s influence rubbed off on her and definitely helped her to grow and make decisions for herself. Her blossoming relationship was nice to see, but it also rocked the boat in their friendship and make everyone unsure of where they stood. I liked Honor, a lot. I could relate to her in the fact that I was like her at the same age, unsure of myself, a follower not a leader, questioning things and wondering how to fix things, how to step away from the safety net.

Finally, there was Libby, the wild card of the friendship. Everyone knew Libby, from the party going kids to the workers in the coffee shop, and everyone in between. Her behaviour was erratic, her happy times made her the life and soul of the room, her down times had her lower than low, and then there was her crazy behaviour which often turned dangerous. I was hooked by her, I couldn’t stop reading, I just knew that pretty soon things were going to go wrong and someone would be at risk. I have to admit that it took me a while to like Libby. I saw her as a selfish taker in the relationship who was all about making herself happy and never considering anyone else. I soon came to understand that there was more to Libby than meets the eye and it all became so clear to me, I just had to like her after that.

My one dislike about the story is that sometimes it was hard to realise that the location had changed, or time had moved on. Sometimes the scene didn’t feel like it was finished and then in the next paragraph the characters were somewhere else or it was a different time of day. I found myself having to re-read a few sections before I worked that out.

It’s hard to review 3 Sides to a Circle without spoilers, and I definitely don’t want to do that! It’s a slow burning book, in my opinion, but one that will have you hooked. If you are already familiar with Jolene Perry’s work then I think you will love this co-authored book and take away Janna Watts as an author to read more of soon.

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Janna wears juvenile pajama pants, worn-out Chucks, and wakes up ridiculously early. Pen name abuser. Rule Breaker. Trouble maker. Corrupter of youth. In books.

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    Sounds great, Kelly, I’ve loved many of Jolene’s books, and although Janna is new to me she sounds awesome too. I love how Jolene is able to take real feeling situations and make you experience the emotions and ambiguity of it all. It’s never too simple in her world, and that makes it all the more impactful.

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