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March 4, 2013 Author Bio, Pimp the Indie, Promotional Post 5

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Pimp the Indie is a new weekly feature here at Have Book Will Read.
Each week I will be featuring a different indie author to help spread the word about them and their books.
Stop by each week to find out more about the authors, read excerpts, enter giveaways and more.

My featured author this week is: 

Kerri Williams

Kerri is the author of the YA/NA books Hunger for Justice, Heart for Justice and Blood for Justice, which make up The Moore Justice Trilogy, as well as two contemporary fiction standalones entitled Taking Back His Widow and Nudging Cupid. Her latest novel, Never Goodbye, will be released later this year.

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Find Nudging Cupid on Amazon UK || Amazon US || Goodreads
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Find Heart for Justice on Amazon UK || Amazon US || Goodreads
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About Kerri Williams

Kerri WilliamsKerri lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia) with the luxury of the lush country with it’s rolling green and golden hills and the coast with its sparkling sea and clean beaches at her doorstep. With such beauty readily available it made it easy to incorporated what Australia has to offer in her novels scenery .
She has been writing on and off since she was sixteen when she met the love of her life-her dear husband, and between having two beautiful daughters Kerri kept on writing with the dream of sharing her love for all things romance and suspense with other readers.

Kerri is also an active member of RWA- Romance Writers of Australian and hosts many world known Authors and up-coming writers within their blog, Blog Bites.

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Kerri has an offer for all my lovely followers … 

Anyone who downloads one of her books and sends Kerri a screenshot of the purchase will be sent another of Kerri’s books for FREE! All you need to do is email your screenshot and free book choice to Kerri at kerriwilliamsauthor [@] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au.

About Hunger for Justice (The Moore Justice Trilogy #1)

HFJHave you ever felt a hunger so intense it blinds you from everything else in your life?

For Claire Moore, her hunger for justice is her coping mechanism, her reason for getting out of bed each morning, struggling to face her day to day life alone after her father and brother were violently taken from her.
Other nineteen year olds are at parties and studying at University, living the fun naïve life of a teenager, but in the world of Claire, there was nothing left for her other than the desperate hunger for justice.
Unfortunately it’s this hunger that’s driven everyone who cares for her away, unable to watch her place herself in danger any longer and that includes her teenage love, Talon Baker.
But true love never really dies and after stumbling upon information to the identity of their murderers, together Talon and Claire are hunted until they can figure out the clues her father left for them.
Through her hunger for justice, Claire grows by relinquishing control of her fight and allowing others to love her, even though the fear of losing them is too excruciating to bear.

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About Taking Back His Widow …

TBHWLivinia Jacobs grudgingly ran from the love of her life with his child in her womb and into the arms of another man. She never thought she’d see Dean Stone again.Eleven years later, she finds herself widowed in a picturesque little coastal town and her past has come back to haunt her.Livinia was completely aware of her lack of control in Dean’s presence. Heck, that was half the attraction in the first place, but her secret kept her feet firmly on the ground and her heart guarded from the once youthful dream of a future with him.Dean forgot the most important thing of all about Livinia-she was his addiction. Ten minutes with her and he craved her touch again, wanted to hold her, to feel her soft naked skin against his, to kiss those supple, pink lips. Hell, he wanted her period.Can he forgive her and prove he’s no longer the scared boy he once was, but the man she needed him to be-a man she could trust with her heart, no matter the sacrifice?

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Want to know a few fun things about Kerri?

Fav colour? I’m a shades girl (grey, black and white) and then compliment it with moody colours. LOL. I’m a moody kinda girl, maybe.

Fav candy or chocolate bar? Kit Kat and can’t beat a Tim Tam Slam. For those who don’t know what a Tim Tam slam is, it’s sucking coffee through a tim tam like it’s a steaw and allowing it to melt just before putting it in your mouth. Gooey and yummy and hubby says … most disgusting thing I do.

Best/earliest childhood memory? Earliest – My Dad reading me and my brother one of those ‘pick your own adventure’ type novels. Loved them.

Morning person or not? No. Just no. And yet, I have to get up at 6.30am with the kids and then go to work. But if I won lotto or got rich writing, I would go right back to bed when the kids got on the bus. Just for another nap.

Fav book character you wish you could be? Rose from Vampire Academy.

Fav book character you wish you could’ve written? Travis. I can’t go past Travis from Beautiful Disaster. He is swoon worthy and HOT!

Fav movie character you wish you could be?  Dean Winchester’s wife(hasn’t happened yet). I cheated coz he is a TV series character from Supernatural, but OMG that boy is so damn dreamy I have to break the rules.

Going to the gym. A fan or not? Never a fan of exercise or sweat, but I go to bootcamp and always feel great after, even though I think I might die during.

Hobbies? Coffee sharing, reading, writing, blogging, movies, FAMILY, friends, talking, reading, writing … wait I said them already, but they do deserve another mention.

What writing project are you working on now? Never Goodbye.

Do you plan your books from start to finish? Or just see where it takes you while writing? Start to finish but wing it while it has flow.

Animal lover? Two Guinea pigs – Latte and Foo. Three dogs, Boo, Bella and Gizmo. One  cat, Bindi. I do love them and wish I had more time for them but I’m lazy. Lucky hubs and kids give them the time they need.

Do you collect anything? Bluebirds. Debt – LOL. Books. 

Fav ice-cream flavour? Hokey Pokey

Fav vacation destination? Sea world. Best holiday. 

Fav book boyfriend? Edward Cullen and Travis Maddox. 

Fav book girl you’d like to be best friends with? Any one of Succubus best friends (Richelle Mead), they crack me the hell up!

What book are you reading right now? I’m just about to start The Boys Of Summer by C.J Duggan.

Did you write stories as a child? No, but I had one hell of an imagination.

Fav childhood book and/or character? I was in love with Peter Pan. Gotta love that boy.

Kerri has kindly offered all three books of The Moore Justice Trilogy in Kindle format to one lucky winner.

To enter make sure you go to the

Rafflecopter entry form

Winner will be picked 17th March. Good luck 🙂

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  1. Dione Sage

    These books look amazing! I haven’t ever read anything by Kerri Williams, I feel somewhat deprived now and will be reading one of her books very soon 🙂

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