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January 29, 2013 Review 6

Beautiful Things Never LastTITLE: Beautiful Things Never Last

AUTHOR: Steph Campbell

GENRE: NA contemporary romance

PUBLISHED: 15th January 2013

SOURCE: E-ARC provided by author because she knows I adore her!

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It’s been a year since Quinn’s life was changed for good by that Christmas kiss from Ben.

A year spent getting her life together. No more crazy parents looking over her shoulder, no more self-destructive behavior or secrets. Now, she and Ben share everything— including a tiny apartment, and a beautiful love.

Since he met Quinn, Ben’s life has been full of change. After finally standing up to his mom, he’s cut ties with his family and moved across the country with the only girl he’s ever wanted. But there’s something to be said for feeling needed, and he’s not sure that he is anymore.

When Quinn’s accepted into a month long culinary program in Italy, she’s ecstatic. But while she’s in a gorgeous country learning gnocchi and pesto, Ben’s blowing off her calls and pulling back.

But someone from Ben’s past walks back into his life, and he finally feels like he has a purpose again. Someone to take care of… Someone to save.

When Quinn returns, and the who’s and why’s of Ben’s behavior are revealed, how does she have any choice but to walk away from the only guy she’s ever loved?

And how can Ben ever learn to let her go?

In this follow-up to the 2011 release, GROUNDING QUINN, love and loss take on new meanings when roles are reversed, and the lengths that we go to to protect our hearts are challenged in new ways.

BTNL is the follow up to Grounding Quinn, a book I absolutely loved. Back then Quinn was just such a tragic, messed up, emotional wreck. She was dealing with so much crap my heart ached for her and the way she thought of herself.

Then, as you’ll know if you’ve read Grounding Quinn, she and Ben finally sorted things out on that special Christmas Eve.

Fast forward a year, move our 2 main characters from Georgia to California, and we have the start of BTNL. Quinn and Ben have started afresh, left their dysfunctional/meddling families behind, and are now at college. Everything’s perfect, right? Nope!

Ben is feeling a bit useless. He and Quinn are so settled now that he feels like she doesn’t need him anymore. He can’t carry out the role he always has – protector, knight in shining armour, good guy when things are bad.

Quinn has finally got the stable life she so desperately needed/wanted/deserved. Things are great. Then Caroline – Ben’s persistent ex-girlfriend – starts calling him. Then Quinn is offered and accepts a place on a month-long cooking programme in Italy.

How will they survive this month apart? What does Caroline want? Will Ben go to her? Will Quinn think differently after spreading her wings in Italy? Will she still need or even want Ben when she gets back?

Gah, I just loved, loved, loved Beautiful Things Never Last! The one tiny negative I had at the end of Grounding Quinn was that I wanted to know more of their story. After they finally sorted things out I wanted to know more about them and how they were getting on. BTNL gave me what I wanted and let me feeling fulfilled at the end.

Someone said to me recently that sequels are hard to write. Since I’m not a writer I can’t fully appreciate that. What I can say is that Beautiful Things Never last is a worthy successor to Grounding Quinn. It had all the elements I look for in a good, no, great, book – easy to read, flowing writing, great characters that I care about, and a plot that keeps me hooked. There were misunderstandings, and miscommunications, there were feelings of not being needed, and mistrust. There was passion, drama, and emotion. Ultimately there was the message that things can’t always stay the same but it is possible for love to last if you’re willing to adapt and change as your circumstances do.

I loved seeing how Quinn had grown in the year since she’d left home. I loved seeing how Ben was free from his awful mother. I loved that Carter and Shayna were there as Quinn and Ben’s support system. I hated conniving Caroline – yeah, she’d been through a lot but her ultimate goal never changed and I think she definitely tried to play her recent trauma to her advantage. Ben’s mum? Yeah, I still disliked her too, even though I guess she did try a tiny bit!

I don’t know if this review has made any sense but I hope it lets you know that you should definitely read Beautiful Things Never Last. Steph Campbell knows how to write stories that are full of passion and emotion, stories that keep you engrossed and rooting for the characters. Do you have those authors who’s work you just go to without even bothering to read reviews to see if it’s any good? Yeah, Steph Campbell is on that list for me.

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  1. Michelle Lovell

    I read Grounding Quinn this summer… I loved it so much. I really want to read Beautiful Things Never Last!

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