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January 21, 2013 Author Bio, Promotional Post 3

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Pimp the Indie is a new weekly feature here at Have Book Will Read.
Each week I will be featuring a different indie author to help spread the word about them and their books.
Stop by on a Monday to find out more about the authors, read excerpts, enter giveaways and more.

My featured author this week is E.L. Montes.

E.L. Montes’ debut novel, Disastrous, was released on 26th October 2012 and this week you can pick it up for just 77p/99c.

Here’s where you can find it … Amazon UK || Amazon US || Barnes & Noble

About E.L. Montes …

Emmy MontesEmmy Montes was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, Alex, and their English bulldog. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies. She works full time as a paralegal for mid-size law firm. Although she loves the legal field, writing was always her passion.

Her first love for books began with the Goosebumps series as a child. After that she read anything and everything from poetry to short stories. She was passionate about the fictional world and intrigued by the way an author could pull you into a story with just simple words. As a hobby she started writing her own poetry, daily journal entries and short stories.

She actually dreamed of being a journalist and even went as far as researching colleges to earn a degree in Journalism. At the time, major newspaper companies and magazines were having budgets cut, and after careful thought she settled on another major. When she finished her degree, she felt like something was missing. She continued to write for several years, working on different story ideas, but never finished. Disastrous is her first novel. The sequel, Cautious, is due for release in May 2013.

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About Disastrous …


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After struggling with the loss of yet another person so dear to her heart, Mia Sullivan, transforms her frustration and loneliness, into focusing on her future career. As the top of her class at Harvard Law, she’s nervous and excited, when given the opportunity of a summer extern position at one of the top firms in Boston. Her new boss is young, extraordinarily handsome, and the successful, Marcus DeLuca. Slowly she begins to fall for him, but as she caves in to his charms, she begins to discover he is keeping something from her.

Marcus DeLuca is living two lives: one that involves his successful career and the other that could potentially ruin his entire reputation. Every day is a stressful and hectic environment with his busy schedule. His secret could jeopardize not only his life but everyone he loves.That’s why he has no extra room for a serious, romantic relationship, but after meeting Mia he cannot resist her. She is innocent, humble, and pure, the total opposite of him. She distracts him from all of his deep, dark secrets. He knows once Mia finds out the things he has done and who he truly is, she will never want to look at him again. Deep down he knows he must stay away but he can’t.

Mia and Marcus are heading down a path of love, lies, heart break and betrayal. Can their love conquer all or will it end?

And Now For A Few Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Emmy … 

Favourite colour: Green.

Favourite candy or chocolate bar: Swedish fish and Hershey Almond.

Best/earliest childhood memory? Earliest – When I was 4 or 5 – begging my parents for real pig as a pet! I’m now 26 years old and never got my pet pig…but I have an English bulldog so he makes up for lost times 🙂

Morning person or not? NO! I’m such a grouch in the morning … I need my coffee before I’m chipper! My husband is such a morning person I can’t stand it!

Favourite book character you wish you could be? DON’T JUDGE ME … but I would like to be Bella Swan LOL! I mean what girl wouldn’t want to hop on her sparkly-vampire boyfriends back and jump from tree to tree … *sigh*  I know I’m a dork. LOL

Favourite book character you wish you could’ve written? Hmm, that’s a tough one but if I had to choose one, I would say Gideon Cross…I’m IN LOVE with that man…he’s my number one book boyfriend. I would love to dive into “his” thoughts for a day.

Favourite movie character you wish you could be? Anyone of the Charlies Angels … they kick ass!

Going to the gym. A fan or not? If I’m there I will put in a good workout … it’s getting me there that’s the hard part.

Hobbies? Reading, writing of course (I consider writing more of a passion), shopping, and I collect shoes (I say “collect” because I have hundreds of shoes I purchase because they are pretty and have yet to wear them.)

What writing project are you working on now? I’m working on ‘Cautious’ the sequel to ‘Disastrous’ and a standalone titled ‘Perfectly Damaged’

Do you plan your books from start to finish? Or just see where it takes you while writing? I see where it goes while writing…I try to write outlines but it doesn’t work well for me.

Animal lover? YES! Love love love! I have an English Bulldogs. I love all doggies! and cats but my hubby is highly allergic to cats so we can have any 🙁

Do you collect anything? I used to collect snow globes for a long time but stopped.

Favourite ice-cream flavour? Strawberry sometimes chocolate depending on my mood.

Favourite vacation destination? Anywhere Caribbean. I’ve visited the Bahamas a few times and absolutely loved it.

Favourite book boyfriend? Gideon Cross 🙂

Favourite book girl you’d like to be best friends with? Hmm, that’s hard. I love to be best friends with Eddie from Slammed and Point of Retreat … she’s best friends with Lake … I loved Eddie’s personality.

What book are you reading right now? 🙁 I don’t have time to read as I used to … but my next two on the list is ‘Dark Light’ by S.L. Jennings and ‘Running on Empty’ by L.B. Simmons.

Did you write stories as a child? I did! LOL Oh how I did … princesses, prince, and castles. 🙂

Favourite childhood books? I loved the Goosebump series as a kids … I remember reading until late at night and even in the bath tub, I couldn’t put them down.

Want To Win A Copy of Disastrous? …

Emmy has kindly offered a Kindle or Nook copy of Disastrous to one lucky winner.

To enter make sure you go to the

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Winner will be picked 26th January. Good luck 🙂

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