Republic by Charles Sheehan-Miles

January 14, 2013 Promotional Post, Spotlight 0

A quick heads up that Republic by Charles Sheehan-Miles is just 77p/99c today.

You can download it from Amazon UK || Amazon US || Barnes & Noble


From an author described as “one of America’s criminally neglected authors,” Republic is a surprise hit described by readers as “breath-taking,” “riveting,” and “haunting.” Ken Murphy is a 45 year-old widower and senior manager at a computer chip manufacturer in quiet Highview, West Virginia. The local economy is thrown into a tailspin when the plant is suddenly shut down. Murphy must fight for healthcare for his terminally ill son. As he tries to save his son’s life, he is dragged into a deeper conflict between the forces that are ripping our nation apart. In the midst of massive unemployment, an aggressive tone deaf government, terrorism and war, Ken Murphy will sacrifice everything for his family, but will that be enough?

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