Power (Phantom Lives #2) by Elizabeth Loraine – REVIEW

December 14, 2012 Review 0

Phantom Lives Power Book 2TITLE: Power (Phantom Lives #2) by

AUTHOR: Elizabeth Loraine

GENRE: Paranormal/Fantasy

PUBLISHED: 29th February 2012

SOURCE: E-copy received from author for review

Last year Abigail Black’s life was turned upside down. Her parents were killed, her abusive boyfriend was chasing her, and she found out that the place she had been dreaming about since she was a small child was real. A Civil War plantation – Collier. It’s a magical place, guarded by Immortal’s who also haunted her dreams. Now she knows why. She’s a Keeper, those chosen to guard the Gates, portals between time and space.
This year with a brand new family, new Gates and Keepers are being revealed. And treasured artifacts must be saved. There have always been those who wish to control the Gates for their own purposes. This time Abbi is confronted not only by an old enemy, but an unexpected new one. Follow Abbi on another incredible journey, full of magic, intrigue and shocking surprises as she battles evil in order to protect the portals between time and space.

Power picks up after Collier (book #1) ends. Abbi, Bill and the rest of the team are back at the Collier Plantation house after the events of book #1.

Abbi and Bill soon realise that there’s trouble coming again and set about preparing everyone to do their bit to help fight for the cause of the gates and keeping them out of the hands of evil.

I thought this book was OK but nothing more. I managed to finish it at least.

Abbi, the female main character seemed to have just about any power she could wish for, and that power usually just turned up at the most appropriate time even though she didn’t have it before, or know that she did. I thought that was a little too convenient for the story and made me think of a lazy plot.

I thought the way that the characters spoke to each other was very “formal” for want of a better description. The conversations they had didn’t seem to flow. Abbi and Bill are madly in love but speak to each other in a really odd way! And, actually, it’s not just Abbi and Bill, it’s everyone with everyone else!

Even though the story is fantasy and therefore anything should go I just felt that too many things were going on, I couldn’t always follow what was happening, and the previously mentioned rules of how the gates worked were changed when it suited the story. I liked the first book in this series and was looking forward to reading Power but I was really disappointed with how it went. I’m struggling to review it because I just don’t feel like I can recommend it or gush about how much I enjoyed it.

There were a lot of grammatical errors in Power, something I also noticed in the first book. I can usually let them slide for the most part but in this book there was an apostrophe where it wasn’t needed AT ALL and that’s a real bug bear of mine. Also, one of the characters was mistakenly called the wrong name by another character which wasn’t part of the plot, it was another writing error. It was actually confusing to read that because of the specific name that was used incorrectly. Some of the characters took on the persona/appearance of other characters (one of their many talents!) and that became confusing. And finally, my last gripe with this book was that it was sometimes unclear as to which character was speaking as they weren’t identified. That wouldn’t be too bad if it was a two-person conversation but when it’s a group situation it’s not easy to follow.


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