Series Catch-Up – Intro Post & Goals

October 29, 2012 Reading Challenge 0

Last week I signed up to another of the challenges set by Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide.
She has some great challenges and read alongs and I just can’t help wanting to be part of them!

This latest challenge is Series Catch-Up
Go to Brittany’s sign-up post for all the detailed info and of course, to sign-up.

The idea is to use the last 2 months of 2012, starting 1st November and ending 31st December, to get further, or finish up, with series that we’ve already started but haven’t got around to reading more of or finishing yet. 

I’m actually going to use this challenge and these last 2 months of 2012 to start a few series that I have bought but not got around to reading yet as well as getting further in a couple of series that I have already started.

I have made myself a list of the series I am currently part way through and those I want to start. I know that there is just no way I’ll get through them all but it felt go to go through them all and organise them in to collections on my Kindle and piles on my bedroom floor! I feel like I’ve made a good start just by doing that!

So, here are my 2 lists for the challenge – series to get further in and series to start and get as far as possible with, maybe even finish.

Series Already Started

  • Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Read Onyx (Lux #2) and Opal (Lux #3). Opal will be released just before the challenge finishes and that will catch me up to the most recent book so that I can (im)patiently await books #4 and #5!

Series To Start

  • Winter Trilogy by Ruth Warburton. Read A Witch in Winter (#1) and A Witch in Love (#2). I bought #2 without realising that it was part of a trilogy so I couldn’t start it. I now have #1 and I really want to get reading!
  • Hush, Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick. Read Hush, Hush (#1), Crescendo (#2), Silence (#3) and Finale (#4). I have read so many mixed reviews about this series but most of my Goodreads friends like it so I’m going to go in to it hoping for the best. I am going to a Becca Fitzpatrick signing for Finale in a couple of weeks (and I have a signed copy on its way to me too!) and I would like to have finished #1 by then. Reading all 4 books would finish the series for me.

So that’s my list of books for the challenge. I actually have more series I want to start but I think this little lot will cover me for the 2 months. I have review books to read in between so it would be crazy to try and fit in any more than this.

I’m going to be posting reviews of the books as I’ve read them and updating my progress every now and then. I’ll also be taking part in the two mini challenges set by Brittany.

Wish me luck 🙂

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