Something Strange and Deadly Read Along – Week 3

October 25, 2012 Read Along 5

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OK, so it’s now week 3 on the Something Strange and Deadly read along and I have been dying to read my next set of chapters so I can find out more as these latest questions from Brittany really had me intrigued!

I wanted to share this video of Susan Dennard that Melody at Hollywood The Write Way shared on her SSaDRA week 1 post.

Go check it out on YouTube, it’s such a lovely, LOVELY video and it makes me cry every time I watch it!

Week 3 Questions: For October 24, 2012

1. We’ve watched Eleanor chase after the Dead and after Daniel without hesitation. Do you perceive Eleanor as brave or foolish to act with little thought to consequence? 

I think this can easily be seen both ways but I think Eleanor is quite brave. As the story has progressed she seems to have become less concerned with the rules that society expects her to follow and solely focused on helping Elijah. She sees the desperation of the situation and knows that no-one else will do anything about it. She’s part of a society that’s used to things just being done and taken care of for them. She knows not to stand back and wait, she has to help. Given that she’s only 16 I think that’s brave of her. I see how it could be perceived as foolish, though.

2. Eleanor gets a letter from Elijah to tell her to stop searching for him – that it’s a bad idea and it’s hurting him rather than helping him. Is Eleanor in denial that her brother is working with the necromancer? Or do you think the necromancer is threatening Elijah now that he knows Eleanor is searching for him? 

My first thought when I read about Elijah’s note was that Clarence had something to do with it, I just DON’T trust him! I can’t see how Clarence could have put the note there though so I doubt it was him, or why he’d do that.

The fact that the Spirit-Hunters are fighting the dead means that they’re on the side of GOOD. So, if Eleanor helping them to fight the dead is hurting Elijah that means he’s on the side if BAD, doesn’t it?!

I don’t think the necromancer is threatening Elijah. I think that all the knowledge he’s gained from the Grimoires has affected Elijah, and he IS the necromancer!

3. We find out the history of Daniel Sheridan in these chapters and that he has quite an interesting connection to the Fitt family that Eleanor never knew about. Were you surprised to find out Daniel’s history in Philadelphia? If you were Eleanor, how would you have taken the news?

I think it was obvious that Daniel didn’t have a squeaky clean past from things that he’d hinted about already, but it was a shock to learn just what he’d been up to in previous years. It also explained to us why he was so afraid of Clarence finding out that he was in Philadelphia. I think Eleanor took it really well once she had the full story. Peger’s version of events didn’t give Eleanor the whole truth about what had happened. I think once we learnt about it from Daniel’s point of view you can see that even though he was doing something dishonest he in no way meant for it to have the outcome it did. I think that probably helped Eleanor deal with it in a calm way. Even though Daniel’s actions affected her family in a huge way (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here so I’m sounding vague on purpose!) I think Eleanor sees that Daniel was set up and can’t be held fully responsible. I’m not sure how I’d have taken it but I’d like to think I would have been as understanding as Eleanor.

4. We also find out the real story of the Wilcoxes and that both Clarence and his father have a major connection to the Fitts also. We’re clearly getting closer to solving some of the mysteries that have been building up in the story. What do you make of this connection? How do you think this will affect the climax of the book?

Hmm, how do I answer this one without spoilers?! Well, the new connection between the Wilcoxes and the Fitts casts a lot of light on things that have happened to Eleanor’s family previously. It explains Eleanor’s memory of hearing her father and Mr Wilcox speaking in raised voices in the time before her father’s death. I have some thoughts on how I think the book will end but they’re spoilerish so I’m going to keep them to myself for now so I don’t ruin anything!


I have a couple of quotes I liked in this set of chapters but for the most part I was so engrossed in reading I forgot to write down more than that!

Mrs Fitt – “I thought you would be delighted to spend time alone with your sweetheart”
Eleanor – ‘”It’s actually the last thing I want, and he’s not my sweetheart” Mama gripped my shoulders and wrenched me around to face her”
Mrs Fitt – Mr Wilcox had better be your sweetheart, Eleanor”

This is just another example of Mrs Fitt’s determination for Eleanor to be married off to a wealthy family in order to secure continued wealth and good society standing for Mrs Fitt. It’s all on Eleanor’s shoulders,

Eleanor – “The Pinkerton National Detective Agency was well known for its top-notch private security, even President Lincoln had hired them. Although that hadn’t worked well for him in the end”

This made me chuckle!

If you’d like to check out Something Strange and Deadly on Goodreads then you can click on the Goodreads button below to be taken to its page. Don’t forget to come back next week for the final week and the end of the read along. I can’t wait to read on now and find out if any of my suspicions are right!

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  1. Lucy

    Thanks for sharing that video – wow, that is so touching!

    Your answers are so thoughtful and organized and I enjoyed reading them. You’ll have to let us know next week if your suspicions were right.

    Cool theory that Elijah is the necromancer. I hadn’t thought of that one, though I did think that Clarence could have had something to do with the note.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

    • Kelly

      Isn’t it just so lovely?! I love watching it. You can just see what a proud moment it is for her.
      I have actually read my final chapters now and finished the book. I’m keeping quiet until everyone else is done but I have most of my week 4 post written up already!

  2. Brittany

    I can’t wait to watch the video! I usually check my blog most often at work so I can’t really watch it when I read the posts … and then I forget about it when I get home! i’ll do my best to remember because from the way you’re talking about it, it sounds amazing! 🙂

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