REVIEW: Double Time by Olivia Cunning

October 9, 2012 Review 2

TITLE: Double Time (Sinners #3)

GENRE: Adult Erotic Romance

AUTHOR: Olivia Cunning

PUBLISHED: 1st November 2012

SOURCE: E-ARC From NetGalley

Holy f***ing smokes, book lovers! Oh, wow! This was one H.O.T story! Apart from the 50 Shades trilogy I’m kinda an erotic fiction virgin and Double Time definitely popped my cherry! There were some hot and steamy scenes in here!

The star of the story is Trey, bisexual guitarist for the rock band Sinners. He’s in love with one of his male bandmates and has been for as long as he can remember. The only problem is that the love is unrequited; Brian is married with a newborn son. To try and put Brian out of his mind Trey sleeps with anyone who’ll have him, both male and female, he has a list of willing bedmates at every stop on the Sinners’ tour.

Then he meets Reagan and things change. Then he meets Ethan, Reagan’s room-mate and ex-boyfriend, and things change EVEN MORE!

So, aside from how hot and sexy I thought Trey was he was also really sweet and caring. He was taken by surprise over his feelings for Reagan, so strong and so soon. He was really afraid of losing her. He’d felt so strongly for Brian for so long that he hadn’t realised he could move on and love someone else, he felt almost like he was betraying Brian. It left him confused.

I really liked Reagan. She was a strong, accepting woman who loved Trey deeply. It was the sort of love that he needed to help him heal the hole he felt after letting Brian go. I don’t think I’d have been so accepting of the compromise that the trio came up with in the first instance. I can see how it would work for them in the long run though, I just think I would have been beyond freaked out and jealous!

Ethan was a good guy but I didn’t like the way he tried to push Trey in to doing something behind Reagan’s back for his own gratification. Exactly what Ethan had done to her before so he knew how much he’d hurt her because of it. He grew on me though as he took his responsibilities to protect Reagan seriously and came through for her in the end.

Olivia Cunning is definitely going to be my go-to writer for when I’m in the mood for erotic fiction. She offers the perfect mix of steamy, hot, erotic scenes and a storyline to go along with it. A few authors I’ve read since discovering Double Time have concentrated solely on the erotica and while that can be OK for a couple of scenes it can’t carry the book through to the end.

So, all in all, I LOVED Double Time and have already downloaded Backstage Pass (nearly finished it) and Rock Hard so I can carry on and find out more about the sexy Sinners boys!

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  1. Michelle

    Read the rest of the series and Olivia Cunning’s “One Night with Sole Regret,” novella series about another band of hot rock stars, who just as naughty as the “Sinners.”

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