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September 2, 2012 Review 0

I hadn’t read Kelley York’s other book, Hushed, before signing myself up to review Hollowed as part of the blog tour for its release – I just knew that Hollowed sounded too good to pass up the opportunity to read it.  I’m soooo glad I did sign up because I LOVED IT!! And now I have Hushed waiting for me on my Kindle and I can’t wait to read that too.

Take a look HERE for the synopsis of Hollowed, as well as an extract and guest post from Kelley York in which she lets us know about her future plans for the Half Light Saga.

Briar is attacked on her way home from work, along with her best friend. They’re both left for dead. The next thing Briar knows is that she’s waking up in her apartment with 2 complete strangers tending to her and she’s feeling not much more than a headache! The real shock to Briar’s system is when they tell her that she’s undergoing the transition in to becoming a vampire, just like they both are. You can imagine it’s kinda hard for Briar to grasp, plus she soon realises that her best friend didn’t make it out of the attack alive and was murdered. That’s a lot for Briar to take in and make sense of.

As Briar learns more about this new world she’s now a part of she finds out things are not quite as they seem.

People are asking her where her older sister Ruby is, but Ruby died a few years ago, didn’t she?!

Briar’s boyfriend, Noah, is suddenly even more absent than he was before, and then he tries to kill her, what’s that about?!

I loved, loved, LOVED Hollowed and I loved Briar too. She has a lot to deal with right from the start. Her best friend has just been murdered and fingers are being pointed at her, people think she was involved in that. Her boyfriend is not what she thought he was, Her sister may not be dead and there are some not very nice people that are out to get Briar.

Briar was a great character. She worried a lot about how she would change now that she was a vampire. Noah told her it was inevitable and he’d seen it happen before. She thought that becoming a vampire = bad person and she was desperate for that to not happen to her. She really struggled with this and I could really feel this coming through in Kelley’s writing. She started off with serious doubts about herself and all that was happening, she wasn’t emotionally strong, she was scared about her new life and grieving for her friend. As the story progressed Briar became stronger mentally and that helped her to deal with things better. She still rushed in to things a bit too fast ( like following Joel – my heart was in my mouth at this point!) but she had good intentions.

I liked Noah, he too had his own emotional struggles. He thought he knew all there was to know about vampires – they’re the bad guys. He knew things about the past that Briar didn’t and that made him very wary of Briar once she’d ‘changed’, he also didn’t want to let go of the feelings he had for her.

Daniel, Cole and Oliver were all great characters. Daniel was sooo sweet, Oliver was emotionally troubled due to events in his past but he was there for Briar when she needed him and even opened up to her about a painful subject so she could understand him better. Cole was great at ‘being the boss’, he was level headed and patient – just what Briar needed at the beginning. I even had a soft spot for Fred by the end, he really came through for the team when they needed him. And as for the bad guys, gah, they were scary!

So, you may have realised by now that I really enjoyed reading Hollowed and I am looking forward to reading Shadow Voices when it’s out.  The story is packed with action, it will have you wanting to read right through from beginning to end without a break (I had to literally prise my Kindle from my own hands!) and it will have your heart beating fast through the action scenes.  Hollowed was well written, had a fast pace and had great well-developed characters. Thanks to Kelley York for allowing me to be part of the blog tour and for providing my copy.

This is definitely a 5 STAR BOOK!

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