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August 24, 2012 Blog Tour, Me! 12

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Hey everyone! Well, as you may all know (I’ve only mentioned it a FEW times!) it’s my birthday today! Very soon I’m going to go and browse a book shop to see what delights I can treat myself to, but first of all I have a very special birthday themed guest post from Rachel Harris, the author of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century. I hope you enjoy reading Rachel’s post …

Rachel Harris

Fantabulous Birthday Parties and SUPER SWEET Presents!

Thank you so much for having me, Kelly, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
*tosses confetti*

I’m so excited to be here to help you celebrate =)

As you may know from the title of my debut book, MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY, my main character, Cat Crawford, is getting ready to celebrate her birthday, too. In fact, trying to escape it—or to be more specific, trying to escape her huge, televised Sweet Sixteen gala—is pretty much what sends Cat on her magical journey throughout time.

Personally, I loved my Sweet Sixteen. About eighteen of us planned it together…okay, our parents mostly planned it while we obsessed over silly stuff like the perfect theme and who our dates would be—Moonlight and Roses for theme, and a cute guy name Ricky for me, if you were curious (*grin*).

Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful birthdays, ones with my children and amazing husband, some spent on vacations, but honestly, that Sweet Sixteen is probably the most memorable. And I still have my custom-made burgundy dress hanging in my closet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t still fit…though it would rock if it did. And while a cameraman did walk around catching all the late-night revelry of the party and our spastic dancing for our own video use, sadly MTV did not choose to broadcast it.
But even more sadly, there was no mysterious tent for me to stumble upon, and no one gifted me with a once in a lifetime time travel adventure to the sixteenth century to celebrate.

Had I met up with a certain gypsy lady and been given the chance to experience history in 3-D, I can say with complete certainty that would’ve been the most memorable. And I can further guarantee I’d have made at least double the amount of cultural mistakes my girl Cat does during her own adventure. But for the chance to jump into the pages of a history book or my favorite historical novels, traveling to Renaissance Florence or even Regency London, I’d be willing to put up with a little—or a lot—of embarrassment along the way!

How about YOU, lovely reader? What was your most memorable birthday? What would your fantasy birthday celebration involve? And finally, how would you feel if on your 16th birthday, you were sent on your own time travel adventure? Where you would go?

Leave your answers in the comments for a chance to win a Super Sweet Swag Pack in honor of Kelly’s birthday today!

Thank you sooo much to Rachel for taking the time to answer the questions I asked her for this post and an extra thank you for the giveaway to celebrate my birthday!

Have a look at ITCHING FOR BOOKS for the full tour schedule to see who’s taking part and what’s going on in the tour!

And before you go make sure you enter the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Blog Tour Giveaway by clicking HERE. US entrants can win a signed bookmark and a finished copy of the book. International entrants can win character trading cards, a necklace and tattoos. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enter!

12 Responses to “BLOG TOUR GUEST POST + 2 GIVEAWAYS! – My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris *updated*”

  1. Alyson Chapman

    My favourite Birthday-week was my 40th – spent it in Rome with my lovely husband and my Mother in Law; although I was mugged straight after breakfast!! My fantasy Birthday would be spending it travelling – with my lovely hubby, again. To wake up on my 16th Birthday with the chance of a time travelling adventure would be so great! I’d want to go back to the 1940s, fab clothes, wonderful music and song, people with better manners, lots of men in uniform (I know I’m supposed to be 16 but … !) . Downside would, of course be the war but I think/hope it would be worth it!

  2. Heather Cranmer (@Khal_Khaleesi)

    First off, happy birthday =D My most memorable birthday was my 22nd. I was on a plane from the States going to England for the first time!! I was so excited as I had dreamt about going to England since I was 8 years old (and now I live here)!!

    My fantasy birthday celebrations would be everyone giving me free books & pizza…gotta have the pizza, hahaha.

    Wow, my own time travel adventure!! I’d love to go to the Renaissance Era or the Victorian Era. They seem like they were really fun =D


  3. Brittany

    My most memorable birthday was actually not a good one lol – It was a younger year with a bratty girl from my class who sang happy birthday to herself instead of me (at my dress up party haha) and I got really upset. There have been tons of better birthdays since then (my sister taking me to musicals, dinner with the boyfriend, etc)! 🙂
    Time travel would be AWESOME. My 16th birthday was pretty low key so that would have been great!

  4. Vivian

    Happy Birthday! My most memorable on would definitely have to be 21. I celebrated for the whole month! I had like 5 cakes, went on a cruise, and partied it up like there was no tomorrow! Ahhhh, memories!

  5. Jen

    Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    My two birthdays were the best. This year I was given a lot of awesome books from friends 🙂

    I don’t really have a fantasy birthday.

    At 16 I probably would have traveled into the future.


  6. Anubha

    Hey A very happy Birthday to you… 🙂

    as much I can remember my best birthdays were 15th and 17th both were amazing and fantastic 15th was with my family and 17th was a surprise in school by my friends (I remember clicking so many pictures that day) 😀

    and time travel on 16th b’day that would have been awesome when compared to what actually happened that day (it was my worst because firstly both of my best friends were out of station so no fun for me)

  7. Sara R Stegosaurus

    Happy Birthday! Hope many more to come =)

    My favorite birthday has got to be my most recent one. I turned 23. Early in the morning I went out and took my driving test, which I passed, yay me! (after failing twice before but whose counting I got it now haha) then a few days later I was hosting a book group at the library and the book group members got together and threw me a surprise party. My first ever surprise party, it was absolutely wonderful. Ahh thank God, 23 is off to a wonderful start =]

  8. Atmika

    Happy Birthday!
    Great guest post. My favorite birthday would be when I turned 18. It was amazing and really special. 🙂

  9. Kelly

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the taking the time to leave your comments, I love all of your ideas and birthday memories! Thanks for the happy birthday messages too! I had a good day – I went book shopping!

    For my 16th birthday I was on holiday in Spain with my family. It was also the day that the GCSE (exams we take right before leaving school in the UK) results were released that year. I had to phone my sister to have her read out my results which I’d arranged to have posted to her. Luckily I got good results so it didn’t ruin my day but then she also told me my dad’s dog, who I adored, had died while I was away. I was sooo upset 🙁

    My fantasy time-travelling 16th birthday would involve going back to the 1950s. I love watching the movie Grease and would have loved to have gone to an American high school around that time and to have worn the clothes the girls did then! And I LOVE the music too!

  10. Ria @ The Beaucoup Review

    Cat Crawford sounds like such an AMAZING character.<3 I want to meet her so bad! In the UK, turning 16 is really a big deal– not like it is in America. It's 18 that everyone goes crazy over! I'm only 15, and my best birthday so far was my 15th one, ahah. (:

    Lovely guest post, Rachel! Thanks!


  11. Kelly

    I held the draw for the swag winner today using and the winner, who has been notified, was RIA! congrats Ria 🙂

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