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When Forever Died (Adelheid, #2)When Forever Died by Mia Darien

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When Forever Died is book 2 of the Adelheid Series by Mia Darien. I haven’t read book 1, Cameron’s Law, but I didn’t feel that I needed to to be able to understand this story. It worked as a stand-alone.

The main character is Dakota, a shape shifter with the ability to shift to any animal or human form she pleases. She’s also a preternatural hunter, going on the hunt for vampires, werewolves, other shape shifters, you name it. Dakota is hard-working, hard-drinking, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She works alone and she likes it that way.

My voice took on a distinctly inhuman edge “I am not having a very good few days and I don’t have time for dicking around, so tell me what I want to know or I’ll send you through one window and out the other on your head”

Dakota’s life is a tortured existence. She dreams of her past which makes her frightened and unsure, waking her in a panicked state. Her family was split hundreds of years ago and she’s been searching for her sister for decades. Little does she know what her sister has in store for her!

Dakota’s two latest bounty hunts see her searching for Carrie Stone, a vampire and her ex lover, who mysteriously disappeared a year ago whilst they were still in a relationship, and Anselmo De Laurentis, an ancient vampire who’s the crime lord of the dangerous and violent vampire underworld. Add in the fact that she’s also searching for her sister and the appearance of a group of people who are sure they’re Norse God re-incarnations and you’ve got lots of ingredients to make a good mystery story. Oh, and there’s a potential love interest too!

The book was well paced, not too slow to start off. Dakota’s dreams are written as flashbacks are full of rich description of the time. I wasn’t too keen on the long passages written in German, they didn’t mean anything to me as I don’t have knowledge of the language. I did Google a few words but anything more would have been too time consuming.

The story itself flowed well and even though there were a few branches to the story they all tied together nicely at the end. There was a character who appeared at the end who had been an important person in Dakota’s life centuries ago. It would have been nice to learn a little more about their reunion but maybe that’s for another book? One last little thing is that although there wasn’t an overload of secondary characters I did find myself getting confused as to who was who sometimes and had to stop to remember who they were and what their job was.

All in all I liked the story and would be happy to read more of Mia’s work in the future. I can definitely recommend you give this book a read.

**I was given an ecopy of When Forever Died by the author in exchange for a review. This did not affect the honesty of my review**

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