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I Heart London (I Heart, #5)I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Heart London is book 5 of the I Heart series written by Lindsey Kelk. At the end of I Heart Vegas, book 4, Angela and Alex had just got engaged. This book starts off about 6 months later and Angela’s now trying to launch her new magazine venture. She’s also failed to let her mum know she’s engaged so her mum’s not happy to find out from someone in the supermarket! Mrs Clark demands Angela comes back to England and brings Alex “that musician” with her. That’s when the fun and games begin …

I officially love Lindsey Kelk as a writer and will happily read anything she writes without even needing to know what it’s about first! She has a brilliant way of including popular culture references in every situation (Mr Spencer playing Fruit Ninja?!). I LOVE the descriptions of the clothes, shoes, accessories etc that Angela and her highly fashionable friends wear. Lindsey’s books are written with perfectly timed humour too, making for a perfect, easy, laugh out loud read.

I love Angela and how she’s changed over the course of the I Heart series. She’s grown up, changed her life and career for the better, and found absolute true love with Alex. She still has waaay to many dramas for the average person but that’s why I love her!

I love Alex for always being there for Angela, even after her many mess ups. He’s dependable but also exciting and sexy. My new fictional character crush, maybe?!

I love Jenny and all the high drama she brings wherever she goes. I really don’t think the books would be the same without her! I love her quick wit and amazing put downs or retorts, or just her assessment of a situation.

“Thank God you had that stomach flu last month – you don’t even need to lose weight.”

Haha, who but Jenny Lopez could get away with saying this someone?!

In this book we got to know more about Angela’s friends and family (and her ex, Mark) and that was fun!

Angela’s mum got on my nerves a bit at first with her constant criticism of “the American/s” like they were from another planet, I think that was point though (us British folk don’t like change!), but over the course of the story I loved her and how she supported Angela regardless and wanted what was best for her only daughter.

Angela’s dad was adorable! He bonded with Alex over 70’s music and a bottle of JD, and went along with Jenny’s list of things to do for fear of reprisal!

I liked Louisa and how she stood up to Jenny, not many people would have the nerve, especially when you’ve just had a baby and are juggling all that that involves too!

I HATED Mark, the ex. What a nerve he had!! At least he got what was coming to him!

This book had me laughing out loud on many occasions. I smiled in delight and felt mushy inside at some of the heart to heart scenes with Angela and Alex. I thought the ending was perfect, even though I’d convinced myself of the same thing Angela’s mum had!! I would love to see a follow up or 5 in the future, fingers crossed.

I can without hesitation recommend this book, I have loved reading it just as much as the previous four in the series. Go out and buy it! While you do that I think I’ll sit down and start from the beginning with I Heart New York

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