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Are We Nearly There Yet?Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch

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First of all I need to say this … Whatever possessed Ben and his wife, Dinah, to agree to travel over 8,000 miles in the space of 5 months with two children under 4?! I am a mother of three under 7 and I think they’re mad!

Now, having said that I will say this … I LOVED THIS BOOK!

I discovered this book after Ben followed me on twitter recently. As I always do with new followers I checked his profile and saw he was a writer. Then I checked the link to his book and read the reviews. I decided to download it to my Kindle and I’m so glad I did.

Ben’s book is spot on at describing, with humour, the situations many families find themselves in every day. I was laughing out loud from the first page, where we meet Ben who’s packing the car in the way only a man knows how to, apparently! From there we have 3-year-old Phoebe with a demanding cardigan, baby Charlie who likes slippers and Dinah who does NOT like tortoises! There are many hilarious, laugh out loud moments in the book, too many to list, but my favourite one has to be the toothbrush incident and all that followed after! Sorry Ben!

Ben’s book also deals with a serious issue that affected his family during the course of the trip – his dad’s diagnosis with cancer and then his death whilst still on the trip. Ben shared his deeply personal feelings of how his dad’s diagnosis and death affected him. As someone who has also lost their dad, actually just a couple of months before Ben’s dad died, I could really relate to that and found myself shedding more than a tear or two at his honesty and worry.

I can definitely recommend that you read this book. You’ll laugh, cry and have a geography lesson at the same time! Go and buy it!

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